Lust for the Night

Lust for the Night, a BWWM Erotic Quickie.

Starlet, Kym Porter was willing to do anything to land a Hollywood, feature film. And that did not exclude hooking up with a much older, married man.


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About The Author

Brenda Stokes Lee

Brenda Stokes Lee

Brenda Stokes Lee is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author in African American, Contemporary and Interracial Romance for her erotic romance novel, Georgia on My Mind. Brenda is also an author, screenwriter, novelist and a good old-fashioned storyteller who refuses to let a trivial little thing like the truth come between her and a good story. Born in North Carolina, but raised in the suburbs of Washington D.C., this writer is a Morgan State University graduate who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Creative, funny and full of tall tales of love, mystery, fantasy, action, intrigue and grown folk's drama, Brenda is determined to make you laugh, to make you cry and most important to make you feel alive.

Lust for the Holiday, a BWWM, Erotic Quickie


Up and coming actress Kym Porter has no problem doing whatever needs to be done to further her acting career. Stuck in a cramped apartment with 4 other starving actors, she was desperate to land a big role. She’d do anything to get into a feature film. Unfortunately, as beautiful as she was, nobody was willing to take a chance on the newbie.

Then, she happens to meet Sean Perry, an A-List actor.  Perry was one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. Yet, he was floored by the beautiful black woman. The sexual attraction between two was intense. Kym sensed it the moment his eyes fell on her.

Instinctively, she knew the mega movie-star was her ticket to stardom. And Kym throws caution to the wind to land a role of a life time, even though she knew the actor was married. Sure, Kym knew it was wrong. But she convinced herself that it was just lust for the night. Right?

Download Lust for the Night to see how low Kym is willing to go to advance her career.