Complicated, It Is What It Is 

Complicated, It Is What It Is, a shocking  erotic romance novel.

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Brenda Stokes Lee

Brenda Stokes Lee

Brenda Stokes Lee is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author in African American, Contemporary and Interracial Romance for her erotic romance novel, Georgia on My Mind. Brenda is also an author, screenwriter, novelist and a good old-fashioned storyteller who refuses to let a trivial little thing like the truth come between her and a good story. Born in North Carolina, but raised in the suburbs of Washington D.C., this writer is a Morgan State University graduate who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Creative, funny and full of tall tales of love, mystery, fantasy, action, intrigue and grown folk's drama, Brenda is determined to make you laugh, to make you cry and most important to make you feel alive.

Complicated, It Is What It Is

A Novel by Brenda Stokes Lee in collaboration with Manswell Peterson

Mykal Roman had reached a pivotal point in his life. The eternal self- professed bachelor had decided he was through running women. Mykal was ready to shred his Playa Card and adopt the role as loving husband and doting dad. To do this he must leave his hometown and the woman that made his blood boil with lust every night. Little did he know that a new city meant new women, bigger challenges, more drama and a whole new set of problems. Nothing could prepare him for the insane journey he was about to embark on. Mykal would soon discover that fate is a cruel teacher!

Suniya Simmons had grown sick and tired of dating loser after loser. She had all but given up on meeting a man worthy of her love. Her last romance ended with a court ordered Temporary Restraining Order. She certainly did not want a repeat fiasco of that incident. So, Suniya decided to focus on herself and the new men’s wear boutique she had recently opened. She decided that if Mr. Right truly existed he’d find her at her boutique. Until then, she vowed to keep her vibrator and fresh batteries on hand. Suniya would soon learn that if you challenge destiny, she will respond!

Victoria Dickerson liked her lovers like she liked her coffee… black, scorching hot and extra-large. She was a rich southern debutante who knew how to use her charm and wit to wrap almost any man around her pinky finger. The problem was that the man she truly desired was looking for more than her damaged spirit had to offer. Struggling to balance love with friendship she clings to him desperately in hopes that their friends with benefits relationship could per chance morph into something more substantial. Victoria would ultimately discover that fortune does not always favor the fortunate!

There’s only one thing to describe what happens when the worlds of these three people collide… Things get, “Complicated.” What can I say, It Is What It Is!

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